Amharic courses are available at different skill levels at Fathia Language Centre. Below you will find detailed information on the different courses and their requirements. For pricing and terms, see our language classes page. When you have picked your course, you can let us know through our contact page.

Amharic for Beginners
Requirements: None

As Amharic has its own script you will first learn the alphabet, pronunciation and how to form words out of these letters and sounds. You will also learn the basic grammar of Amharic and a very basic vocabulary.

Intermediate Level Amharic
Requirements: alphabet, basic grammar, basic vocabulary

The aim of this course is to complete your understanding of Amharic grammar, so that you are able to to form sentences on your own. You will also expand your vocabulary to the most used words of everyday life.

Advanced Amharic
Requirements: grammar and application, listening and reading comprehension, intermediate vocabulary

In this course you will find out about the little details of Amharic grammar, learning to adapt your use of the language to any setting you might be in. It will help you to master the most tricky bits of the language.