Somali is a language with a lot of variation. Due to the recent political situation it has not been possible to revise language standards such as authoritative grammar textbooks and dictionaries. Despite this situation there is enough consensus on the core aspects of the language that we can teach you. However, given that grammar and spelling are often not fully standardised, our main focus will very often be on colloquial aspects. Please refer to the following list, for more details. For pricing and terms, see our language classes page. Once you have picked your course, please let us know through the contact page.

Somali for Beginners
Requirements: None.

While this course will teach you Somali grammar, the main focus will be on real-life situations and a vocabulary-heave approach. The grammar will very much be picked up as part of exercises like writing simple texts about yourself. This will quickly enable you to have conversation in Somali, a language with a much higher oral than written importance.

Intermediate Level Somali
Requirements: basic grammar, intermediate vocabulary

The course aims at fluency in Somali. It revolves around everyday use of the language in situations like shopping, meeting friends and having conversation over things of everyday life. There is also room for some more advanced grammatical study of the language but this will not be central to the course.

Advanced Somali
Requirements: fluency in colloquial Somali, intermediate grammar

You will learn the more sophisticated aspects of Somali grammar in an effort to prepare you for the study of classical Somali. In reading both modern texts like newspaper articles and novels and classical Somali poetry, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the Somali language.